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This beautiful glass bong delivers super filtered, clean-tasting hits thanks to the two honeycomb disc percolators in its straight tube. The top-quality bong is constructed from durable clear glass and measures an impressive 10 inches in height. The bong has a fixed reinforced downstem with a 14.5mm female joint and comes with a 14.5mm male herb bowl, a rimmed mouthpiece, and a stable circular foot.

The bong works by pulling the smoke down and through the bubbly water, then up and through the holes in the honeycomb discs for important filtration and cleaning. The bubbly, filtered smoke continues up and out of the thick-rimmed mouthpiece and into your lungs. This bubbly filtration process produces a super clean hit that's full of flavor and much smoother on the throat and lungs.

10" Straight Cylinder Glass Ice Bong

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    We replace/exchange all shipping damages upon arrival, feel free to contact us via message or email for any defects/damage of the product.

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