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Check out the double 6-arm tree percolator ice bong with honeycomb diffuser from Hiour Glass. This beast of a bong measures an impressive 15 inches in height and has a thick, round base with a straight tube design. The powerful bong is constructed from durable, 5mm thick borosilicate glass, so you know that you are getting a quality piece that will last for years if maintained and looked after correctly.

The elegant ice bong comes with a reinforced fixed downstem with 18.8mm female joint, two 6-arm tree percolators, a honeycomb diffuser, ice notches and a glass herb bowl with roll stopper arm. The dual colored two, 6-arm tree percolators and the honeycomb diffuser work together flawlessly to add important cleaning and cooling of the bubbly smoke for richer, more filtered hits full of flavor, but less harsh on the throat. Try adding some ice in the bongs tube for an extra cool experience.

Order your very own Hiour Glass double tree percolator ice bong with honeycomb diffuser and take your smoke sessions to the next level! Check out our extensive range of bongs and bubblers available to order online today at

15" Straight Beaker Based Glass double tree percolator Ice Bong

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    We replace/exchange all shipping damages upon arrival, feel free to contact us via message or email for any defects/damage of the product.

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