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blazing ice

Straight Tube with Dual Color

With this Straight Tube with Dual Color from Hiour Glass, featuring a unique pop rocks perc, you can truly taste the explosion in more ways than one.

Our wide collection of Straight Tube with Dual Color glass bongs has a dual showerhead percolator and a vortex-slitted ice catcher.

A straight tube with a range of color variants to aid with pipe identification. A straight Tube with Dual Colors is a basic water pipe that takes up little space while providing optimum effectiveness. Straight tubes from Hiour Glass provide the essential function of a water pipe in the most aesthetically pleasing shapes.

Hiour Glass was founded to provide tokers and dabbers with a selection of conventional and modern equipment. We hope to serve the originals, new users, medical users, recreational users, casual tokers, hardcore stoners, working professionals, and everyone in between.

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